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6 Stunning Wedding Invitations Design That Blooms in 2020


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Ever since I used to be a bit lady, I have white-haired paper invariably. Walking into a writing paper or book store was a bit like heaven on behalf of me. Truthfully, it still is. Over the years, I have collected dozens of journals, notepads, stationery, the card you name it! I like paper. Thus let Maine tell you, a superbly designed wedding invite suite makes Maine giddy! It sets the complete tone and mood of your day. It’s the first glimpse your guests can get into the aesthetics of your day. Today, I’m sharing a number of my favourite wedding suite styles and trends for 2020!

Here square measure a number of the recent wedding writing paper trends I see and gaga for 2020:


Maps square measure a simple thanks to changing a marriage writing paper suite by showing wherever the marriage is going to be the command, wherever the couple is from or to share all the events over the marriage weekend. And that we LOVE them! They’re the best bit to a writing paper suite and square measure most fun to figure on with brides and grooms.

This is a trend that we tend to suppose is here to remain for a while! Guests can sure as shooting keep these favourite items of your invitation suite to pin on their refrigerator and share with their friends! Several of them can even bring it to the marriage (especially if they’re out of state) as a fun point of reference for the town & location of the wedding.


Sheer washes of colour are prettying up the 2019 wedding writing paper scene! From light florals to hand-painted maps and even venue illustrations or pet portraits, watercolours lend an inventive, custom feels to wedding writing paper This delicate approach of adding colour to your paper encompasses a sensitive, romantic feel once intentional in pastels, or a daring and wild vibration once brushed with bright hues. 

Add the look to parts of your invitation suite, just like the reply card or your envelope liner. Or create it the backing of your wedding invitation—traditional on the front, colour party on the rear.


You’d be in a wrong way to seek out a writing paper designer WHO is not having a bit fun with envelope liners this year! From florals to solid colours, to watercolour style, envelope liners are all the fashion and that we square measure here for it! This inner layer is that the very first thing guests can see after they with excitement tear open your invite. 

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Wax seals have created the largest comeback… you would possibly have seen them on Game of Thrones as a result of they’ve been around for many years (and Game of Thrones may be a medieval-era show). Wax seals became the new hot trend in 2019 and can positively be protruding around for 2020. With dozens of color choices, and unlimited style potential, wax seals elevate {an invite|a call for participation|asking|letter of invitation|missive of invitation|a request} suite! they create every invitation appear as if a little gift for every guest.

If you’re interested about wax seals, we’d like to assist you to incorporate them into your invitation suite, whether or not it’s on the outer envelope, on the invite suite itself, or incorporated into the tie-around the holds your invite suite along. The choices square measure endless!


And last however not least, one amongst our personal favourites: together with the furriest relations on your wedding stationery! Whereas our pets square measure super necessary to US (and arguably friendly therapists throughout the marriage coming up with season), not everybody needs them as guests at their wedding. However, brides and grooms square measure finding the right bit to their wedding invites square measure a watercolour portrait or little details of their favourite critters – and that we square measure gaga it! 

Whether they’re tucked away during a venue illustration, on associate RSVP or details card or hidden within the liner, the trend of {including|as we tend toll as|together with} pets on the marriage writing paper is one that we hope doesn’t go anyplace, anytime shortly.

As we tend to approach the backstretch of 2019 (first: HOW), it’s time to begin brooding about the writing paper for your 2020 weddings! Additionally to the small print like WHO, wherever and once, couples will change their wedding invites by selecting a colour, texture, details, and maybe adding several 2020 we tend toddling invite trends we mentioned that might complement the remainder of your wedding’s ornamentation and therefore the location or venue. 

Fortunately, at ElisaAnne handwriting, we tend to love operating with brides and grooms to form a glance that reflects your wedding-day vision. If you’re taking a peek at a number of the recent work we tend to share here – you’ll see that we tend to be all “on-trend” this year! To begin group action some ideas for your forthcoming wedding hit the “Inquiry” button below.

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