My name is Taylor King. I used to be born in Singapore in 1990 and sleep in Singapore till I affected to Australia.

I am the Mother of kids and knowledgeable parquet.

I came to photography by the birth of my son. What was initially meant as a family lensman has developed into a hobby? A style for macro photography has quickly crystallized out. Moreover, I have additionally come back to the form, with new lenses to photograph.

This is still photography in the state capital, and also the performance of the new glasses shouldn’t be underestimated. Additionally, it’s compensation for my otherwise professional photography.

The dropping exposure captivated Pine Tree State by its unimpressive beauty. With every shoot, you are doing not apprehend what comes out. This is often the rationale that fascinates this unique quite photography.

Shooting with lenses in Retrostellung is additionally one in each of my preferences. Because of the intense imaging scale, you’ll be able to see the little insects with totally different eyes.

I think that with photography I’ll still follow this line. It’s loads of fun to gift insufficient things in life. Perhaps I open my eyes, not solely to travel through life on the surface, however additionally to appear one thing out of the box and to appear at the planet with children’s eyes …